Need to buy or sell a good horse?

Need to buy or sell a good horse?
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Horseshoe RAnch YouTube Channel

Well, I have spruced up the Horseshoe Ranch YouTube channel, Everybody needs to check it out! I have a horse, beautiful Buckskin gelding for sale, he belongs to woman who boards him here at the ranch. He is really something to look at if your in the market for a roping horse, he heads and heels. She is getting desperate (due to divorce) and has reduced his price to $3500.00. He is good for trail riding and ranch work too! Super all around horse. AQHA, Driftwood and Blue Valentine!! Great bloodlines!

We have more horses for sale at our website

I built my first lens on Squidoo, thats really a cool place! If you haven't been to Squidoo, its really worth checking out! Tons of great information on any topic you can think of.
Lens are like a webpage, they are free to create and you can even make a few dollars of the advertising! If you have always wanted to make a webpage, but thought it was too complicated, well Squidoo is were you need to start! Its really easy and fun!

I made my lens on the topic of owning your first horse. You can check it out and other great pages at
They also have a page you make like a 10 question quizzie, I made one of those too! My is "How well do you know your Christmas movies"? If you think you know your Christmas movies pretty good, take the quiz! Go to Good Luck!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dec 7th Wheat pasture cattle

Finally it officially feels like winter is setting in! Wheat pasture cattle are being turned out by the dozens! Long johns are brought out of hiding and my heater is running constantly! The horses are frisky but miserable. The cats are permanently puffed and the dogs are making beds in the hay. Chores aren't fun anymore!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cats and dogs gone wild

Everybody needs a good laugh! check out this video and you'll surely get one out of it!