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Need to buy or sell a good horse?
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Friday, January 9, 2009

101 For New Roping Producers

Putting on your first roping can be quite a chore, if you are a roper you mainly only see whats on the outside and usually think there can't be much to it!

I know, I was that roper....

When my family full of ropers were breaking the bank, I decided to put a few on myself to defray some cost. I figured we already have an arena, cattle and plenty of parking. Why not? While it is a good idea and really fun, it sure may not defray any cost if not done properly. In fact if not careful you'll break the bank quicker than you can imagine.

No need to scare you though! We have lost our butts on a few here and there, but out of the 400+ jackpots we have put on we are still here alive and roping!

From the very moment I had the bright idea to produce my very own jackpot, I could find NO information on the subject anywhere. NO books, NO websites and surely no help from any other producer. Everyone was pretty closed mouth. Why I don't know?

I had questions like how much to pay out? I seen in the Dally Times where many ropings paid out 70% and some paid 80%. That works if your charging $50.00 bucks a loop and have 1000s of teams, it sure don't work if you charge $20.00 a loop and have 100 teams! TRUST ME! Unless you just want to produce a roping for fun!

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