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Need to buy or sell a good horse?
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is another Chapter......

Well as fall has set in, winter has began to threaten us. Cool North Oklahoma winds are changing to cold North winds. Outside work has slowed as it always does. The ranch business will take its turn to indoors. eBay is a Godsend, but with a jagged economy this year may be harder than those of the past. Well enough of all that......Coins lots of Coins I'm listing. My father past several years ago and left my Sister and I a large coin collection. We have decided to finally part with it. We both do not collect coins and they are just sitting there in the attic collecting dust! If your a collector or just in need of a neat old coin, check out our eBay store "Western Flair Past and Present" We will be listing coins daily for quite a while!

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lovey664 said...

Winter is always another chapter here. Im trying to keep myself occupied and Ive managed to actually lose a couple of pounds...Im doing my ebay thing cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more. I ride Buckshot at least once or twice a week, weather permitting and Im trying to get him over his fear of plastic garbage bags..haha..I took a couple of very large atwoods bags and filled them with some more heavy duty plastic...its the noise that scares him more than anything, not the bag itself. Ive also been trying to get him "To Take a Bow"...its a slow process...duhhhh, my speds horse...Miss you guys much..hope you enjoyed the sweet potatoes, they should be ready to pick..Cheryl