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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HR Ranch Stallions for 2010 Breeding

BC Imprinted So Cool

Reg A.P.H.A
Chestnut Overo
15.3 hds

"Diesel" barn name, is a real looker! With lots of show blood and some cow blood too, he is a perfect mix! Diesel is an amazing horse, he was injured as a foal and has never worn a bit. He was broke in a halter and rides strictly in a hackamore. He was roping in the arena on his 5th ride! As a heel horse, he is cowy, has a big natural stop and is light as a feather in his hackamore.
He loves everyone! Expecially kids, dogs and even old geldings. He is so kind he lets our 28 year old gelding eat out of his grain bucket! Diesel is very mannerly around the ladies, you don't even know he is a stallion.
His babies have color!
So far, almost exactly like him!
If your looking for a really quiet well manner line, well you can't get any better than this!
With great lines like

Sire ~ RH Imprinted APHA
4 Time World Champion Halter Horse
PD Cool (QH)
Mr. Conclusion (QH)
IMA Cool Skip (QH)
Tardy Double Too (QH)

A perfect blend of show horses and cow horses!
It really shows with Diesel!
Check out this video of Diesel heeling, this is a while back when he was just getting things down.
He has now built a huge winning resume!

With the economy the way it is right now, we are slashing the 2010 breeding fee on BC Imprinted So Cool
from $400.00 to $300.00
You'll get color, brains and a great roping, ranch or show horse for this great price!
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