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Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 AQHA-PRCA-WPRA Horses of the Year

2010 AQHA-PRCA-WPRA Horses of the Year

2010 AQHA-PRCA-WPRA Horses of the Year
Steer Wrestling
  1. Dashs Dapper Star, "Wick," owned by Wade Sumpter and Ken Lewis and ridden by Sumpter, Lewis and Billy Bugenig.
  2. Bailey Tokum, "Pump Jack," owned by Dean Gorsuch and Darrell Krampie and ridden by Gorsuch and Gabe Ledoux.
  3. Rocks Eye Opener, "Jessie," owned by Lee Graves, ridden by Lee Graves and Trevor Knowles
Team roping (heading)
RA Sonoita Silver, "Vegas," owned and ridden by Turtle Powell
  2. Precious Speck, "Walt," owned and ridden by Travis Tryan (honored posthumously)
  3. Bears Cash Partner, "Syndicate," owned and ridden by Clay Tryan
Team Roping (heeling)
  1. Fine Snip Of Doc, "Cave Man," owned and ridden by Jade Corkill
  2. Startime Diablo, "Super Star," owned and ridden by Travis Graves
  3. Baileys Copper Doc, "Diesel," owned and ridden by Randon Adams
Tie-down Roping
  1. Eightys Sport, "Sweetness," owned by Spur Resources 1, Ltd, and ridden by Clint Cooper, Houston Hutto, Timber Moore, George Rowland and Blair Burk
  2. Docs Hot Express, "Big Iron," owned and ridden by Joseph Parsons
  3. Smokin Reata, "Reata," owned by O.L. "Buck" Daniel and ridden by Shane Hanchey
Steer Roping
Skips Harlan Tyree, "Pops," owned and ridden by Rocky Patterson
  2. White Hot Ike, "Bullseye," owned and ridden by Chance Kelton
  3. Tonk Champ, "Champ," owned and ridden Chris Glover
Barrel Racing
  1. Judge Buy Cash, "Jethro," owned by Frank and Lynne Mays and ridden by Brenda Mays
  2. MP Meter My Hay, "Sting Ray," owned by Mel Potter and Sherry Cervi, and ridden by Sherry Cervi
  3. Sugar Moon Express, "Martha," owned and ridden by Lindsay Sears

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