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Need to buy or sell a good horse?
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Improve Your Team Roping, Practice with Speed Williams! Over 2400 Videos in his Online Library!

Speed now has over 2400 Videos in his online library at Speed offers a free membership and 100's of free videos, giveaways and shopping. For the more serious roper, you can take advantage of an awesome subscription that offers in depth breakdown videos of Speed's practices, rodeo runs and jackpot runs.
New for 2014 Speed has implemented a new software that allows him to use special graphic lines to show angles of his swing, position and delivery. This new approach brings a better way of understanding some of Speed's techniques. The picture below shows Speed heeling on Jennifer's horse LaLa......he is tuning LaLa up for Jenn and explains some of his main objectives. This is invaluable information as many heel horses have these challenges that LaLa has. Speed gives in depth insight on his drills to correct LaLa. Great stuff for the serious roper wanting to improve on a higher level. Drop by and check things out......if you don't have an account....sign up is 100% free, you can view all videos that are not locked and take a test drive......remember though.....Subscriber videos are in depth training videos packed full of Speed's insight!


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